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We became the solution partner of the finger vein pattern recognition technological "Mofiria".
mofiria Corporation (https://www.mofiria.com/)

Mofiria is a finger vein pattern recognition technology that Sony Corporation developed.
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Developed & Launched the multiple 6 serial cards vending machine (BOX ,IC Card)
Developed the Medal Member DB System (OEM) .

Developed and launched Coin Collection Wagon which enrich the counting function, and can accept 2 different coins simultaneously.
Developed and launched Medal Bank Linking Kit which can connect with SEGA Gaming Machine through networking.
Developed and launched CVT recognition with fingerprint recognition to finger vein recognition on Medal Bank SE2 & TE Biometrics Authentication system.

Developed and launched GAUmini as a Wi-Fi Gaming Management Terminal & GAU Manager as a polling controller system

Develops the Medal Bank II and Medal Commander

Develops the Coin Collection Wagon
Develops the Coin/Token Counter UW-1
Develops Medal Bank Satellite

Develops the Box 6 Serial Card Vending Machine
Develops the 6 Serial Card Vending Machine
Spun off as a system solutions company in April
Becomes an independent company called Nihon Unica Corporation

Develops and merchandizes a card vending machine and money exchanger between machines
Develops Medal Bank Jr
Develops contactless fluid sensor, Epsilon Sensor System, evaluation kit
Launches the industry's first electronic money billing system at Takarajima Shin-Urayasu store

Builds a new main office building in Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate
Wins the third Japan IT Management Grand Prize
Medal Bank wins the fourth automatic recognition system grand prize
Develops and merchandizes the key lock system, Security Rack, using fingerprint authentication
Develops and merchandizes the Hyper Lock system for gate/access management by fingerprint authentication

Establishes Dream Frontier

Launches the industry's first POS sales for amusement facilities
Develops Medal Shot (token sorter)

Develops and manufactures the Medal Bank using fingerprint authentication (token deposit/dispenser), and sells all units to Sega Enterprises, Ltd. Initiates the first step as a manufacturer
Develops and merchandizes the work time management system, Hello, using fingerprint authentication
Develops and merchandizes the Medal Bank monitoring system, Backup System
Completes new carts for money collection systems, Coin Express

Obtains a patent for the game machine management system (GAU.) Patent No. 2109846

Nihon Unica Corporation is established

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